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The Simplest Route to Wellness

Quick scan

All vital signs are measured in a single 60 seconds scan.

Vitals History

Comprehensive reports and rich visuals are provided to the user

Interpreted results

The user will be notified if a particular vitals is out of the average range.


HealthTest App

Users can extract a range of vital signs and other physiological measurements without purchasing any additional equipment.

HealthTest uses rPPG technology and AI for contactless measurements (through the front-facing camera of smartphones, laptops or desktops) and PPG for contact-based measurements (through smartphone rear cameras).


Meeting Medical device standard

Our first priority is to ensure that our underlying technology meets medical devices standards. With an accuracy of between 95% - 99%, our underlying technology has achieved multiple certifications including FDA, SAPHRA, HIPAA and ISO 13485:2016


Some questions & some answers

Which devices is HealthTest compatible with?

Binah Check is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
Iphone 6 and above. Android 8 and above.

Does HealthTest Check save images or videos of users?

No, Binah Check does not save images or videos of users.

Does HealthTest have access to the data measured?

No, HealthTest does not have access to the any data associated with your profile. The data is accessible to your account admins so that you may both view measurement history and trends.

Does HealthTest’s health monitoring require contact with the skin?

HealthTest offers two methods of measurement:
Contactless, video-based (rPPG) – requires the user to look at the device’s camera.
Contact-based (PPG) – requires the user to touch the smartphone rear camera with a finger. The contact-based measurement is to be used in challenging conditions, like complete darkness or excessive movement.