Know your health.

Measure and track your health in a matter of seconds, anytime, anywhere. Monitor your progress towards your wellness goals.

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The Simplest Route to Wellness


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Daily scans

Measure vital signs in a matter of seconds, at any time and from any location using your smartphone. We will remind your everyday to ensure you complete your health test for the day.


Health status

View personal trends, historical data, health indicators within the application and stay up to date with your health parameters.

people die of heart attacks
every hour
Premature deaths
1 of 6
Deaths are from
cardiovascular diseases

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HEalth parameters

Medical device standards

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Some questions & some answers

Which devices is HealthTest compatible with?

HealthTest is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
Iphone 6 and above. Android 8 and above.

Does HealthTest Check save images or videos of users?

No, HealthTest does not save images or videos of users.

Does HealthTest have access to the data measured?

No, HealthTest does not have access to the any data associated with your profile. The data is accessible to your account admins so that you may both view measurement history and trends.

Does HealthTest’s health monitoring require contact with the skin?

HealthTest offers two methods of measurement:
Contactless, video-based (rPPG) – requires the user to look at the device’s camera.
Contact-based (PPG) – requires the user to touch the smartphone rear camera with a finger. The contact-based measurement is to be used in challenging conditions, like complete darkness or excessive movement.